Theology, if it is True is Lived. - We probably deserve the bad rap. At least segments of the Reformed church have contributed to the false correlation that Reformed theology/doctrine leads to stifled mission. In some contexts, the church has given itself only to the articulating of the truth within its doors and has neglected the flow of truth that leads to a love for the surrounding world.… Continue Reading
Balanced in Prayer, Prepared for Revival - We live in technologically sophisticated world. So, we naturally value the newest, the fastest, and the most efficient innovations of our age. When this fascination with the latest and greatest informs our spiritual lives, however, many Christians react against creeds and confessions written hundreds of years ago, questioning their relevance for our lives and churches today. But it is this… Continue Reading
Something to be Treasured - One of the reasons there is such a lack of appreciation for Confessions and Creeds within the church today, is that there is such a widespread underappreciation for biblical doctrine in general. Especially within contemporary American evangelicalism, doctrine is viewed as irrelevant and divisive. American Christians find no problem with defining their own theology because they have a very low… Continue Reading
Responsible Multiplication Requires A Consistent Theological Agreement - Multiplication necessarily contains, in some form or another, a repetition or reiteration of the original form. It may not be observably apparent, but when reduced to its most basic elements, a reproduction/multiplication is plainly representative of its place of origin. As human beings reflect their parents at the most fundamental level (DNA, blood type, etc.), so do church plants find… Continue Reading
Why Confessions Matter - Discovering what a church believes can be confusing, because while many churches may share the same general statement of faith what they practice differs wildly. Charismatics and cessationists, believers baptism and infant baptism, covenantal and dispensational, prosperity gospel and those vehemently opposed to a prosperity gospel; all using the same broad definitions while meaning very different things. The reason for… Continue Reading