The Confessional Collective Cohort is a group of church planters and pastors who meet on a weekly basis in Metro Detroit. Each meeting is a little different, but there are a few constant elements. We always spend time praying for each other and discussing progress and difficulties in our ministries. Some weeks, we will have a speaker come in to teach on a particular topic (sometimes Skyped in), other weeks the discussion will be led by a local pastor or Cohort member. 

If you are in the Detroit Metro area, we would love to have you visit. We meet each Wednesday morning from 10-12 at First Presbyterian Church in Trenton, MI. We are working toward being able to include some Collective members through digital means, especially those who are working through CC Institute courses. Ideally, every church planter and pastor would have a network like this in their local context, but participating in ours may help give some encouragement and guidance regarding how to get started. 

If you are interested in visiting us either in person or via computer, please email us using the link below.