The Confessional Collective exists to encourage pastors and leaders called to church planting and revitalization. We accomplish this through residencies, conferences, writing, and podcasting. We encourage robust theological integrity through subscription to a particular reformed confession while we stress the importance of linking arms across our denominational lines in the hope of seeing revival/reformation throughout Michigan. In an effort to maintain theological integrity as a network we have adopted the New City Catechism as our universal creed.

If a church’s theology is left undefined, the people will be left to define it for themselves. We believe that the historical, reformed creeds and confession provide a more thorough statement of faith than most churches currently employ. This is important in giving clarity and direction to a body. We also believe that a solid understanding of scripture and interpretation gives rise to passionate mission. As doctrinal clarity increases, both church leaders and members can more boldly proclaim the gospel to the world around them.

We train, assess, and support church planters. If you are interested in planting a church or supporting church plants, please click on the appropriate button below. Our conferences and meetings are open to members and non-members, so if you are interested in learning more about our vision, we would love to see you at an event.